Investing is Rocket Science? Not Even Close......

Do you have money you need to invest but feel stuck, because you don't know what to do? Are you avoiding investing because you're worried you'll make an expensive mistake? If this sounds like you, you're not alone—the vast majority of people with money to invest are confronted with these same worries and concerns.

The way to get "unstuck" is simple and straight-forward:

First, you need to know what kind of investor you are, and

Second, you need a step-by-step plan

The truth is, intelligent investing is not rocket science, despite what the vast majority of financial advisors and stockbrokers would have you believe. They need to justify their fees and commissions, so they use terminologies and concepts that complicate, confuse and obfuscate a process that is really quite simple and straight-forward.

I speak from experience; I am the founder and owner of Pension Systems Corporation, the company behind the patented 401k Easy. I am fully licensed as a FINRA-Registered Broker Dealer and as a SEC-Registered Financial Advisor. My 25-year track record building up 401k Easy, and 25-years' experience helping many hundreds of novice investors get focused and invested suitably qualifies me to help you get unstuck.

The "secrets" to successful investing are not really secrets at all, but rather three timeless principles:

+ Know what kind of investor you are

Do you need an investing "partner" by your side, or do you need to chart your own course?

+ Diversify your investments

Do you appreciate the advantages of mutual funds and index funds over individual stocks and bonds?

+ Aim for success in the long-term

Do you know the statistical success rate of short-term investors? It's truly dismal; the odds are clearly stacked against short-term investing.

Advise & Monitor is not a conventional financial planning service. Our sole objective is select the very best diversified portfolio of no-load mutual funds, based upon your age, marital status, and years to retirement. We will identify by name the specific no-load mutual funds we recommend you buy with your retirement savings. We will tell you exactly how the funds should be allocated, by percentage, in any self-directed brokerage account of your choosing.

Our recommendations will be based upon your age, marital status, current retirement savings, and anticipated source of income after you retire. Our initial no-load mutual funds recommendations and allocation percentages will be sent to you within one week of receiving your order. We carefully monitor and track your recommendations, and notify you when we think it is time to make a mutual fund change, or re-balance the allocation percentages.

If you have any question at any time concerning our recommendations you are encouraged to contact James Gilbert by email for a personal response to your question or concern. A&M clients are provided with a special email address for this purpose.

Advise & Monitor Financial (A&M) is an official Registered Investment Advisor (FINRA-CRD 158650) dedicated to helping you with your IRA Rollover. I will listen to your retirement concerns and goals, make specific no-load mutual fund recommendations, and monitor these recommendations on your behalf. I will only focus on your IRA Rollover investments, and recommend only no-load mutual funds from top-rated fund providers. I do not receive any sales commissions or other forms of compensation from any source, including the no-load investments I recommend. A&M's only source of compensation are fixed fees for services rendered, commonly known as a "fee-only" arrangement.

Please request and read the Advise & Monitor Services and Fee Agreement and Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Brochure.